Friedland gate


Local history museum “Friedland gate” is located in similarly named architectural monument of XIX century- town gates “Friedland”, which were build in 1862 and which used to be a part of town fortifications of Koenigsberg.

The museum is dedicated to the history of prewar Koenigsberg. And it’s block-stone road “leads” to the past of forever gone town Koenigsberg…

Under the gates, combining he real block-stone road and it’s image on old prewar photos which are projected on lateral walled up embrasures; begins the unbelievable by force of emotional impact stroll across the streets of old town, “taking away” the walls and opening out the borders of time and space. The carts creak, the walking by ladies heels click, the children laugh – Friedland gate opens the time portal to the town which no longer exists.

The “stroll” lasts exactly an hour and during this time you may “pass” according logically build route the whole historical center of the town look into town windows of the shops, cafes, pharmacies (the museum windows are designed in the form of street windows), to bargain at the fish market, and at the end of the stroll, just by one step come from a virtual park to find yourself in a real landscape park spreading across the bounds of Friedland gate and made on the place of former fortifications.

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