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The collections on display in this museum, one of the largest in Madrid, ranging from prehistoric times until the nineteenth century. Gather items from excavations in Spain, but also presents objects from ancient Egyptian, Greek and Etruscan. In the garden of the museum is the reproduction of the caves of Altamira.

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After years of living on Spain until 2004, and visiting the "old" archeological Museum often with visiting family and friends, we came in June 2014 to visit again, and discovered one of the world's greatest history museums. Congratulations for a remarkable, unbelievable renovation. This is an unbelievable achievement, which redefines the history museum experience. For whomever was responsible, our thanks and admiration. This is a model for global museums,

Cultural Heritage Newswire Press Release (Miami FL) May 18th 2013 Spain Refuses Treasure Discovered in America In this time of economic uncertainty it was shocking to learn today that the Government of Spain has decided not to accept the priceless treasure discovered in Florida. Based on the large crowds coming to see the treasure currently on display at the Appleton Museum of Art it appears to be a poorly thought out financial decision. The Museo del Prado or del Museo Arqueológico Nacional would get a huge economic boost by displaying the treasure yet this seems to have been overlooked. The gift was offered by a team of archaeologists in honor of Queen Isabella the Catholic as the rare artifacts date from the earliest New World exploration site found in the United States. The valuable coins, precious stones and some of the most beautiful glass ever found in the world are associated with the 1528 Cabeza de Vaca and the 1539 Hernando de Soto expeditions. The United States Embassy was informed by the del Departamento de Coordinación de Relaciones Culturales y CientíficasDirección de Relaciones Culturales y CientíficasAgencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID)Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperación that they do not want the treasure. It seems the people of Spain did not get a vote on the issue and the decision was made without their input. Instead of refusing the gift we should be celebrating and offering these archaeologists a knighthood for their extremely generous offer. How or why this bad decision was made we will never know, but it is time for someone to make the right decision and we hope His Majesty King Carlos will accept the gift for the people. Hopefully it is not too late as other museums around the world are begging for the treasure. Opportunities for the promotion of kindness and spirit between the people of the United States and Spain should not be lost and this treasure coming home would be a wonderful event. The artifacts will be on display for the entire year of 2013 at The Appleton Museum of Art in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of Florida by Juan Ponce de León and in celebration of 500 years of the wonderful Spanish culture and history that formed America. Then the rare collection will be broken up and spread to many museums in other countries.

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